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Come explore the benefits of preparing and EATing organic garden-grown food!

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150+ Amazing Zucchini Recipes
Zucchini Parmesan Crisps! This is one of those healthy cooking recipes I will be sure to save. Zucchini recipes have been on my mind quite a bit recently. I have been shredding, slicing...Read more.

HabaƱero, jalapeno, Red...HOT... PEPPERS! Hot Peppers...What's your favorite variety? An excessive amount of hot pepper plants seem to find their way into my garden...Read more.

Aside from summer when the garden plants are flourishing and full of vegetables and fruit, this is my next favorite time of the year... Read more.


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A Beginner's Guide to starting seeds indoors!

In every seed, rests a plant just waiting for its moment to shine brightly in the warm sun. From this plant, come more seeds that return back to the soil, to begin the process all over again. It is in this basic essence and connection of a plant, and the garden, that my passion for plants, and gardening, became firmly rooted. New to the 'grows' of starting a bountiful, edible garden? Simply looking for a few new tips to help start your garden seeds AND plants off on the right... garden path? A Beginner's Guide to starting seeds indoors!  Many vegetable garden seeds prefer to be started in the warmth of the indoors, be it the confines of the greenhouse (when available) or a brightly light, warm, dry space inside the house. This is where most seedlings will start the best! With that being said, pre-planning is a very important aspect of every vegetable garden. If these seeds are not started early enough, your seed planting success plan will be turned into a co