A Mid Summer's Veggie #Garden Update

An Update of the Update:) ~ July 22, 2014
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Did you know Hot Peppers LOVE the heat?!?
Well, that was a hot one! Thanking my lucky stars, the rain has finally arrived. A few drops... Okay, now it's stopped again... Not enough to make much of a difference at this point, but hopefully this break in the weather will help to distinguish the many wildfires raging in this part of the world.

Author Note: Before I go on, first let me say... My heart goes out to all those effected, or misplaced, by the current fires and on a more global note... to the victims, the families, and those touched by the (seemingly, many) horrific catastrophes of recent!   

Since originally posting this update, the heat only got worse. For most of the last month, the daily temp. averaged mid 30's to mid 40's (Celsius), barely breaking the 30 barrier even during the night. Then to top of the humid hottness, fire season began. Nothing like a good rain, to clear up the air a bit!

Luckily, the gardens just made it through the heat... for now anyway. Did I mention how much Hot Pepper Plants love sunbathin'!! The peppers have flourished, by far! The Beefsteak Tomato plant was almost a 'goner' (for the second time), I have managed to bring it back, but was pretty sad the morning I found it all drooped to the ground due to a lack of water. This was the same poor plant I broke in half with a shovel, before I had even gotten it into the ground!

Well, I must skedaddle, for now. The apricot tree is callin' my name!

To sign off for the day... As the great carrot wielding rabbit, Bugs Bunny (or one of his fellow Looney Toons comrades) would say, "That's all, folks!"

Have a lovely week, from the desk of +Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat.


Original Post ~ July 12, 2014

I will admit, the heat is becoming a bit much... My garden has (so far) withstood almost a week now, of nearly 40 degree temperatures, with only a few questionably wilting Rainbow Chard plants to show for this lengthy period of 'hottness'. Here is a bit more about how this little urban vegetable garden beats the heat and the watering ways that my garden and I live by, to keep our precious plants a' growin'!

This was two days ago... by 2pm today, the temperature was 39 on the patio. 
July 10 Temperature
July Thermometer!

Some of the vegetable and kitchen garden plants are loving this extreme heat. The Echinacea (aka cone flowers), the hot pepper plants, corn, beans, tomatoes, and potatoes are thoroughly thriving in these temperatures. The finer plants, of course, are not quite as happy! Despite adequate misting and sufficient watering, many of the greens, peas, and cuc vines are suffering.

Cone flower photography
The beginnings of an echinacea flower

The kitchen garden
The Kitchen Garden

Here is a little garden photo comparison of what can happen in just one month of a garden's life, or my garden's life, anyway!

This is how the little vegetable garden of mine began... 
(The first planting of seeds around Mother's Day, and now wish I had gotten to it much earlier!)
The Garden
Photo: The unsquared of square foot garden space

And then... Summer arrived! 

A garden photo update
Home Garden Mid July 2014
Now, looking at the photo... Where do you think last year's compost pile was? Ya, right over there on the right where the corn is already 6 feet tall!

I cannot get over the incredible amount of little Hot Peppers that have exploded from this Hot Pepper plant, below... and that out of all of the peppers, just this one right in the middle, has turned red. 
A hot pepper gone red
The lone red hot pepper
Seeing the damage that can occur so quickly to the delicate tissue and flowers of our plants in these temperatures has very much solidified for me that it now is officially, Siesta Time in our backyard during those peak sunshine hours! Our outdoor summer fun will happen in the mornings, evenings, or on cloudy days!

How do you help the 'not so hardy' plants in the garden survive the heatwaves of Summer? 

Here are a couple of my little tricks for keeping the vegetable garden plants from burning off in the peak of the summer sun, to leave you with for the weekend!
* A quick foliage spray with the hose and hand sprayer never hurt anyone! (This is a great way to salvage your sagging garden from the Sun, at least until a proper watering can be given after sundown.)
** Avoid heavy watering in the heat of the day as pooling water can burn foliage, fruit and flowers.
** Water gardens heavily in the early evening, as this gives water ample time to be absorb into the ground and evaporate off the plants before night  falls and avoid mold, rot, mildew and other moisture related issues that can decimate a garden, well, overnight!
If you enjoyed the photos, tricks to saving your plants from heat exhaustion and the little garden update, please share with your friends:) 


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