My vegetable garden ate my blog...

Or this, at least, is what I am blaming my absence on! I am such a kid... lol. Between work, family and getting the garden planted, time for writing has been sparse. 

Here is a quick look into the kitchen garden and a little taste of what I (and my vegetable garden) have been up to... 

Thai Basil

The highlight of this summer's herb garden is the Thai Basil, I am so-so-so in love with this herb! The aroma this Basil sets off is amazing... Whether catching the scent walking by in the yard, or wafting from the kitchen, this Thai Basil is like no other Basil I have ever tried. If you have the pleasure of finding some for yourself, be sure to grab it!

The Parsley, an ill Cilatro plant (that bolted three days after planting), a couple Hot Pepper plants, and three Tomato plants are the only ones that have not been started from seed, only because I missed starting them early enough myself. 
Parsley     Hot Pepper Plant

Everything else has been started from seed... As I was a week, or so, late on my first planting, my original plans for this season's vegetable garden have had to be slightly altered and most likely for the better. More of the high yielding veggie plants and less of the space eating legumes and gourds I had initially planned.

On the table SOON hopefully (and all started from seeds sown directly into the garden / containers) will be:

  • Corn
  • Green Beans (Pole & Bush Varieties)
  • Scarlet Runner Beans
  • Snow Peas 
  • Heirloom Carrots
  • Radishes
  • Chard (Swiss & Bright Lights)
  • Arugula
  • Spinach
  • Greens Mix
  • And my other favorite Basil, Purple Basil...
  • Oh, and a Potato Tower. (Completely an experiment, but hopefully a successful one!)

The last two little sections are ready to be planted and I hope to still get another three plantings of seeds in, that is as long as this little garden of mine can contain itself... I am already concerned it might be a bit 'over planted'! With everything that was seeded, there has been roughly a 90% germination and survival rate. It is amazing what a bit of water, a good mix of compost and a bunch of sunshine will do:) If all goes well, it just means more to eat, more to share and more to freeze. I am truly excited to see what happens with this 'little' small space urban gardening project of mine and the bounty of organic treasure, I hope the garden flowers.

Got a new favorite vegetable or herb growing in your garden?
Tell us about it! Share yours in the comments below or tweet about it to @DrylandGardens!


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