Images of Spring: The Perennials are A Poppin'!

Look what I found in the garden yesterday, Springtime! The perennials have returned!

I cannot say it feels much like springtime today, however, yesterday was gorgeous. The cold and rainy dreariness of the end of winter has once again returned, not for long… Taking advantage of the awesome weather yesterday, I managed to get the last of fruit trees pruned. I had hoped to have this done months ago, time is rarely on my side though:) Admittedly, I must have walked past the kitchen garden dozens of times without evening noticing all the fresh, new green shoots sprouting up everywhere!

These are the reasons why I love perennial gardening!

Peppermint Shoots

And flowers soon, really!!! 

Spring bulbs

I was extremely shocked to find the rhubarb back so early…

Spring Rhubarb

This little peppermint has been in the garden for a week, or so, I’m guessing and I simply didn’t notice it. Again, I’m shocked! This is so early…

The Kitchen Herbs Return!

There is no sign of life in the main garden, as of yet. It doesn’t get near the sun that the kitchen garden area does at this time of the year though... I am so excited for spring, can you tell?

What were, or are, the first perennials popping up in your garden this spring?


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