Germinating Seeds in Style

So… Have you finished up your indoor seed starting for the veggie garden yet? If you are sheepishly shaking your head ‘No’ right now, you best be getting on it! In follow up to last week’s post, My Favorite First-Timer Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors!, I thought this a great time to send out one last post about seed starting to all you first- timers (NEWBIES!) out there.

Now that you know HOW to start seeds indoors, but still haven’t gotten around to picking up the key supplies you need, I will make it easy for you! I have included for you below, a collection of products (from that are, if not necessary, greatly helpful for successfully germinating seeds and growing healthy seedlings.

#1 A Greenhouse Kit

For the first-timer firing up a new vegetable garden, I highly suggest purchasing a seed starting mini greenhouse kit, for a couple reasons. For one, these kits most often include everything you will need to start your seeds, minus the seeds. No fuss, little mess, just drop in the pucks to soak and the greenhouse is ready to go. Sure, there is many ways to concoct some sort of DIY greenhouse area for your new seeds, but a clean and shiny dome and sealing tray so much nicer to look at and can be used again, year after year.


Seed Starting Mix 

If you are planning on travelling the DIY route for your first seed starting adventure, you are still going have to grow your seeds IN something… Burpee’s famous Seed Starting Formula, or a similar growing medium, is what you need!


The Seedling Heat Mat 

This is by no means a necessity for starting new seeds for the garden, however a heat mat will help speed along the germination process for you. The heat mat will provide the entire seed tray with equally distributed warmth for your new plants. Many a gardener will you tell you this is one of those seed starting supplies you cannot go without, but many others will tell you that a nice warm, dry place will work just as well.


Light Gardens

A light garden is the perfect solution for those with limited useable indoor gardening space. Not only is this a super handy system for starting your seeds, it doubles well as an all year round indoor growing area for those plants you like to have fresh and at your fingertips the whole year through! Again, this is by no means necessary for seed starting… Wouldn’t it be nice, though? (I also included the table top grow light design, as well, for those extremely limited on space.)


 Table top Growing


The Seed Sower

Now that your seed starting indoors is all taken care of, here is one last little gardening gizmo that may come in handy once you begin sowing seeds directly into the garden. I say gizmo, because a seed sower is not really all that necessary. However, once you start on the seeds that are no bigger than a speck in your hand, you will be mighty thankful for this little tool!


How did I do? Did I leave anything out? Well, there are so many options available today when it comes to gardening supplies, I am sure I have… Regardless, I hope the gardening supplies and product ideas I have included above help you out, one way or another, on your new seed starting adventure.

More importantly, how did you do? Feel free to share your newbie seed starting and garden growing success stories, or failures, in the comments below. What better way to learn, than from each other! 

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