4 Awesome YouTube Videos All About Organic Backyard Gardening

My, how a week can fly by! So much for my bi-weekly post schedule... Today I have a collected up some of my most favorite YouTube videos for you, all to do with backyard and patio organic food gardening.

The following collection of YouTube videos includes; a self watering planter system made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, a discussion about DIY aquaponics gardening, a great video clip about The Urban Homestead and what a sustainable living community is all about, as well as, an instructional video about what to compost and how to set up a 'super' composting station in your own backyard.

The Life Cycle of a Vertical Garden 
Self Watering Planters Made from Plastic Bottles

VIA Willem Van Cotthem

The Urban Homestead and a "Path to Freedom"

All about the +Urban Homestead and wonderful gardens grown by the Dervaes Family.

All About Composting, Fresh From the Backyard!

VIA Work With Nature 

DIY Aquaponics with "Aqua Annie"

VIA +Ann Forsthoefel of "Aqua Annie" 

So, what do think? Did you enjoy the YouTube clips? Which of these backyard gardening projects interest you the most? Feel free to share any thoughts or experiences about these projects in the Comments below...

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