The Sprouts of My Garden, A Sprinkle of Historical Reflection.

3457 Martha in flower garden

With Summer over, Fall gone and Winter now taking over my garden, what a great time for a bit of reflection and introspection. Looking over past posts the other day, I was brought to considering the reasons for creating this blog.

Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat sprouted from my concern with the food that we grow and eat. As mentioned in, From a Meadow, Grew a Garden, my love for plants and gardening began when I was a young child. The miracle of a little shoot growing from a seed, the blades of grass popping up in the lawn and the delicate plant sprouts arriving in the garden every spring, was amazing to me. From there, my respect, fascination and admiration for everything Mother Nature provides for us, grew.

Why, the blog? Well, there are a few reasons. What a great way to share ideas and learn from the many talented and knowledgeable organic gardeners, landscape designers and home growing foodies there are around the world. This atmosphere of knowledge available to green thumbs and fingertips of today is absolutely astounding! Bringing my love of writing into the equation, a garden blog just seemed inevitable.

I made a decision, about five years ago, that I was changing the way I live. To cut a long story short, simplify. Find a garden, plant it, grow our food, and ‘eat like queens’ of the olden day! Garden found, I quickly realized there is so, so much still to learn! Coming from a background of commercial landscaping and dry land plants, sure I know how to design and build gardens and landscapes. Landscaping plants, bedding plants, not a problem. Vegetables, a whole new bucket of worms, so to speak.

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s with processed food products heavily on the rise, gardening and growing your food at home became a hobby, more than a necessity for many. I believe there is huge generational gap in knowledge regarding how to grow the food we need to survive, and the true value of the many “products” that Mother Nature, herself, has to offer us. We have come to a state of being completely reliant on the services and products available to us.

This natural, home grown knowledge must continue to be documented, shared, learned, and taught to our next generations, before it is lost forever. Just think back 100 years from now, to how life was for our parents, grandparent or great-grandparents. Grocery stories, Walmart, ordering organic food from the internet, unheard of! If they could only see us now, I wonder what they would say…


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