Friday's "Must See" Gathering of Groovy Gardeners!

Monet's Garden - Water Lillies, Pond and Bridge
Monet's Garden Via Elliot Brown

Today’s post is all about “sharing the love”, so to speak. Over the last few months of tending my little social media garden, I have had the chance to meet a lovely bunch of organic gardeners, heirloom plant enthusiasts, garden landscape designers, and related business owners, many with great sites of their own. So, today I wanted to feature a few of these great people and their projects, blogs, sites, and businesses.

The following links are very much worthy of a visit and have been included for their helpful gardening, landscaping and yard tips, gorgeous photography, and well written creative content (or a mixture there in between). 

Click on any of the following titles to be directed to the website, or blog. 

#Urban #Organic

"#Plants with benefits."

"Commercial Grade Patio Furniture at a residential price point. Selling high end outdoor furniture direct to the public."

"A place to share your favorite recipes, gardening and money saving tips."


"The world of everything that grows"

"Adventures in #Urban #Gardening"

"Everything #miniature #garden"

"Cool stuff to grow!"

Content Aggregate ~Preserving/ Culture/ Community

"Creative & Frugal Home and Garden Ideas."

Stop by, say hello and share the love:) I hope you have enjoyed the Friday Feature gardener's blogroll!

Be sure to check back next Friday for a new bunch of featured "groovy" gardeners!

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