Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. Part 2 - The Compost Pail, Bins, Tumblers, and Tea Makers

Composting may already be part of your household routine. If so, you are most likely already aware of the importance of recycling your food waste and the many benefits of collecting nature’s best organic fertilizer and garden mulch. If you are not already composting, it is time to start! Take away food waste from your household garbage; you may be extremely surprised how little refuse is left for the garbage man (after appropriately recycling the other recyclable materials, of course).

Usually, I do not like to start off a post directing my readers to do this, or that, or forcing my opinion on anyone. When it comes to something as important as the health of our fragile ecosystem, I cannot help myself.

I am sure none of us like to admit that we actually waste food when there are people starving around the world. However, food waste does result from cooking, eating and snacking throughout the day, whether we like to admit it, or not… And we all must eat!

Considering this is my second (actually, third) post about compost, only exemplifies how strongly I feel about the many benefits of composting. Part 1 of my composting series, Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. A Beginner’s Guide to Composting focuses more on the why’s, what’s, and how to’s of DIY home composting. I felt the need write this second installment of Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. because not everyone is necessarily interested in another DIY project and may be considering a more desirable, somewhat ‘cleaner’ way, to compost at home. Be it a simple, store bought, composting pail or bin, an elaborate Compost Tumbler, or costly Compost Tea Maker, the options are many. 

Follow me and let's take a closer look at these composting products... 

The Kitchen Compost Pail

Seeing as composting generally starts in the kitchen, the kitchen compost pail is the perfect place to begin. Compost pails, designed specifically for inside the home, come in a variety of styles and are often manufactured in plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. Prices usually vary between $20 and $80. Worm composting can even be done inside, if you do not mind having worms in your kitchen or closet. Several examples of kitchen compost pails are shown in the following link.

Kitchen Composting (Via
Here are my two favorite kitchen compost pails!

Backyard Compost Bins 

Backyard compost bins have come along way from the old fashioned compost pile or trash can compost bin. If a compost bin for the yard is what you are after, the following Amazon link shows several examples ranging in price from $50 to $350.

Backyard Composting (Via

Compost Tumblers

The compost tumbler is one of the most costly choices for backyard composting, but it eliminates the need for manually turning the compost pile by hand. Check out the following examples of...

Tumblers (Via

Compost Tea Makers

Now, a Compost Tea Maker is definitely the most costly of choices for backyard composting. Take a look at the following example, see what I mean?!?

Wow, seriously?!?! DIY tea maker, here I come!

Reducing, and even eliminating, food waste from household garbage is one gigantic step in the right direction! If every home were on a strict composting and recycling regime, think of how much waste we would save from littering our precious planet... If your not, get on it!

"Garden health is built from the ground up. So start composting! It's cheap, easy and turns almost half your garbage into plant food." (Via

I hope this post has assisted in your search for the right composting system for your home. Happy composting!


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