Vertical Vegetables, on a Platter of Raised Garden Bed.

Vertical gardening, landscaping and roof top gardens, have all been a fascination of mine for many years now. When you can’t grow out, why not grow up? The plants want to grow there anyway. It is wonderful to see that these progressive and sustainable landscaping ideas are becoming such a growing trend in the dense urban centers of many countries around the world. Let the cities breath!

Recently, I have been collecting together heaps of new and inspiring edible landscaping ideas to evaluate which will best suit my new urban edible garden design. My ultimate goal is a micro-farm, or “Urban Homestead”. I want to be growing as many of the vegetables, fruits and herbs that my family will need for the year, at home, on our small urban plot of land. As I have mentioned in previous posts, vertical gardening will ultimately be the best way to utilize my small space. Once I have decided on which vertical garden designs and techniques will best suit the gardens here, this will be a large part of the additions to the garden of next year.

The yard I am now working with has been green lawn for many years... This means, in order to transform the area into ground level garden space a whole heck of a lot of back breaking work will be required! Raised garden beds will be the perfect solution. Again, I am still pondering the exact design. I want to find the most cost efficient way of building the beds, as the installation of the vertical gardens and changes that will be needed to the irrigation system could be somewhat costly to ‘the old cookie jar’! Let’s just say, I have my work cut out for me if all goes as planned!

In closing… Throughout all of the information I have found recently, the best way to utilize the space in my new edible landscape (aka back yard) design will be to grow up, up and up! Vegetables gardens away!

Be sure to check back for new DIY, vertically enhancing, garden ideas and designs that I will be searching out throughout the winter.

Have a great vertical garden design idea you wish to share? Please add a link or comment below for moderation.  

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