The Great Melon Debate

Calling all melon lovers! Voice your opinion in The Great Melon Debate

What is your favorite melon, and why? 
By Steve Evans (Watermelons) [CC-BY-2.0 (], 
via Wikimedia Commons
That first bite of a fresh, juicy watermelon in the heat of a mid-summer day is hard to beat. As the watermelon has come to be known as a common site on picnic tables, or at a summer BBQ, one could hastily conclude that it would be the all-star favorite melon of the melon consuming population. This may very well not be the case though… 

Back in the spring, I had written a Guide to buying heirloom and hybrid melons. Prior to researching the article I simply let my taste buds guide me. After only mildly looking into the health benefits of the many different varieties of melons, I quickly realized their importance in one’s diet. 

Is it the watermelon, a cantaloupe, casaba, honeydew, a hybrid variety, or a special heirloom melon, that you would consider the best tasting, or healthiest? Share your thoughts, knowledge, melon myths, stories, or interesting nutritional secrets about melons, and weigh in on the debate in the ‘Comments’ field below, or through the Poll placed to your Right. 

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