Budgeting for That New Backyard

Backyard renovations and new landscape installations are an exciting feat for me. It is very easy though, for my creative and unruly side to overwhelm my rational, realistic side when planning a new garden or landscape design. What can I say, I love plants. 'The more, the merrier.' Sadly, budgets are a reality that many must abide by when considering the addition of new landscape features to a yard or property. 

After having to tone down my spring garden plans and landscaping projects for the yard this year, and meet my own frugal budget, I thought what a perfect topic for a new article. My latest featured Helium article, Tips and tricks to landscaping on a budget, discusses my predicament further, and provides some hopefully helpful advice to assist in the organizing the budget for your new backyard or landscaping project. 

Please feel free to share any tips or advice you may have about landscaping on a budget in the comments area…


  1. Create a unique landscape and gardening design outside your house and make your outdoor space look more entertaining by adding outdoor decors, plants, lighting, water fountain and etc.


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