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Our first #GooglePlus #Garden Event, Gardening with #Heirlooms.

Let me start out with a great big Thank You to +Seed Savers Exchange, and author Rosalind Creasy, for the great +Google+  Event, Gardening with Heirlooms. The information and history we were given regarding heirloom garden seeds, growing vegetables and saving these precious seeds, is priceless! Again, Thank You +Seed Savers Exchange

Rosalind discussed so many wonderful vegetables and plants throughout the hours conversation. The most interesting parts of the discussion, for me, were about the pink potatoes she so loving described, the beautiful French pumpkins and recipe Rosalind mentioned.

Localized seed saving and heirloom vegetables are much more important to the future of our food chain, our gardens, our kitchen, and this planet, than many of us might realize!
I am so glad I was able to attend this Garden Event. Thank you +Seed Savers Exchange!