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My Favorite First-Timer Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors!

In every seed, rests a plant just waiting for its moment to shine brightly in the warm sun. From this plant, come more seeds that return back to the soil, to begin the process all over again. It is in this basic essence and connection of a plant, and the garden, that my passion for plants, and gardening, became firmly rooted into my being. 

The time for greenhouse seeds, and starting seeds indoors, has finally come again! Can you tell that I am excited? Seeing as the last post, Get out the John Deere, Springtime is almost here!, discussed primarily grass seed and springtime for the lawn, I thought it only appropriate that this next post be about starting seeds for the food garden. If you are new to the grows of starting a garden, or simply looking for a few new tips on how to start plants from seeds, this post is for you. I welcome you to read on and Thank You for stopping by!

By Oledd (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Many vegetable garden seeds prefer to be started in the warmth of the indoors, be it the confines of the greenhouse (when available) or a brightly light, warm, dry space inside the house. This is where these seedlings will start most successfully. With that being said, pre-planning is a very important aspect of every vegetable garden. If these seeds are not started early enough, your seed planting success plan will be turned into a complete waste of time. Make sure to have your new veggie garden design, and plant list, decided upon at least a couple months prior to planting in the garden, to give seeds ample time to grow!


Tips to Successfully Germinating Plant Seeds and Cuttings

Since the last post, House Plants and Garden Designs, I have been working on the content layout for both of these upcoming projects. As usual, I was extremely eager to get writing. The product of this burst of ambition is my latest article, Tips for growing plants in an indoor germination station, which has been published at Helium. As germination is an integral part of growing any plant, outside or in, I thought this would be a great place to start for both projects.  

When working with plant seedlings or cuttings, most plants need, or will significantly benefit from the use of, a germination station. Whether planning to start seedlings for your upcoming vegetable or herb garden, or propagating a favorite house plant, your germination station could be as simple as cups on the window sill to a system complex as a self-feeding, computerized germination station bought from a store.
As plant propagation and nurturing delicate seedlings is not for everyone, for the wary, the following article link and collection of tips it encompasses will be helpful for successfully starting your new plants in a germination station.

Drop your mouse here to view the full length article. 

Have advice of your own you would like to share? Please post your thoughts to the comments area.