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From a Meadow, Grew a Garden

I remember being a young child, just beginning to learn about and see all the miracles that occur everyday in Nature. I would travel across the back lawn, past the vegetable garden and just past the chicken coup. It was very much on the borderline of “too far from the house”, as our parents would recite on a daily basis. However, hidden among some trees at the back of the yard was my 'secret place', the place where 'magic' happened!

Adventurous and daring as children often are, no matter what I was told, I had to see what was hidden behind those trees. Breaking through the wall of evergreen boughs that scratched my bare arms and face, I remember when I first entered into the secluded meadow that lay behind the trees. At first, all I saw was a rocky barren hillside. After standing there for a moment, miniscule flecks of colors began to pop out from behind rocks and under sticks. This meadow was not barren ground at all, but a luscious garden of miniature flowers.

If I had been any older, or further away from the ground, I wonder now if I would have even noticed the clearing and the beautiful garden of tiny flowers at all?

This is where my passion and love for all things nature began, in a little meadow hidden away, amid the forest. From this meadow, grew a garden.