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A Roundup of Our Most Popular Posts from 2013

With the end of the year just around the corner and a frozen backyard providing me with little inspiration to write (in all honesty), what a perfect time to round up all the most viewed and most favorited posts from the year... 


4 Awesome YouTube Videos All About Organic Backyard Gardening

My, how a week can fly by! So much for my bi-weekly post schedule... Today I have a collected up some of my most favorite YouTube videos for you, all to do with backyard and patio organic food gardening.

The following collection of YouTube videos includes; a self watering planter system made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, a discussion about DIY aquaponics gardening, a great video clip about The Urban Homestead and what a sustainable living community is all about, as well as, an instructional video about what to compost and how to set up a 'super' composting station in your own backyard.

The Life Cycle of a Vertical Garden 
Self Watering Planters Made from Plastic Bottles

VIA Willem Van Cotthem


Vertical Vegetable Garden Design Ideas to Compliment Your Living Spaces, Inside and Out!

Small space organic gardening is a reality for many homes of today, as more and more families incorporate backyard vegetable garden design and attempt to feed themselves from the fruits of their backyard gardens, patio vegetable garden, or urban homestead, while some even establish successful urban farms. In all cases every square inch of growing space becomes extremely beneficial. Vertical vegetable gardening is often the next best step to maximizing your growing space to its full potential.
Vertical gardening and landscaping is by no means, a new concept. According to the article Vertical Gardens: Plants for Walls ( by Lisa Hallett Taylor vertical gardening and living walls were incorporated into gardens, courtyards and other outdoor living areas as early as 3000 BC. I first touched on this idea in a post written back in September, Vertical Vegetables, on a Platter of Raised Garden Bed, in which I discussed the inspiration of this fascination. As this was more an organization session of my thoughts at the time, I felt compelled to write another post discussing primarily vertical vegetable garden ideas.

In the following examples, several design options for vertical gardening will be discussed. Many of these designs I plan to incorporate into my upcoming backyard reno. Past these examples, I leave creation up to your creative mind.


20 Inspiring Pinboards for Garden Landscape Designers, Organic Vegetable Lovers and Foodies!


Please bear with... Many of the links are broken and in dire need of update. I will be back to fix is ASAP!

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Pinterest has become one of my latest online obsessions. With the endless stream of creative images, projects, YouTube videos, and ideas that Pinterest pours out, it is the collection of all collections for those seeking out online inspiration. What an awesome place for home, garden, yard, and food lovers to connect, collect and visually share their ideas! In my opinion, Pinterest is easily the best marketing online for garden landscape designers and other design professionals, for anyone really… I just can’t stay away!

The following Pinterest Pin Boards still have much growing to do, make sure to follow any that interest you! New and noteworthy Pins are added weekly, and even sometime daily...

Feel free to dig into the Pin Boards below! Click on any of the titles to be taken to the related Pinterest Board.
Beautiful Food ~ NEW
Autumn in the Garden 
Creative Compost Ideas 
Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat. 

Organic Gardening 
Edible Gardens & Landscaping 
Vertical Garden Ideas 
Indoor Gardening 
Container Gardening 
Raised Garden Beds
DIY Pallet Gardens and Creations
Straw Bale Gardening
Inspiring Garden Project Pins
Sustainable Landscaping 
Seeds & Planting 
Awesome Yard & Garden DIY Projects
Landscape Water Features
Random Garden Pins 
Tree Care
I hope you enjoyed the Pinterest Pin Boards. Remember, tons of new Pins and Pin Boards will be added to the Garden throughout the Winter!

UPDATE ~ In closing, a huge Thank You goes out to all the Pin creators and original Pinners. You ideas, information and compilations are greatly appreciated!