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A Web Spun. Images of Fall

When in the right places, what a gorgeous web they weave...


A Poem of Garden Secrets

Check out the latest garden inspired poem added to the pages of Poems of Time and published with, titled Hidden from the naked eye. Please select the paragraph below to find the full length poem.


…Like crystals hung from the window’s pane. Surfing sunlit rays they play In the likes of a butterfly on a sunny summer’s day. This is how they hide from the naked eye…

You just never know what might jump out from underneath that next garden leaf or flower...

**Please feel free to share your garden stories in the comment field below.


Dew Drops of Fall

A poem of Fall, Dew Drops.
Living droplets of clear blue sky,  
Placed gently by nature’s hand.  
Just like a painted dish of Mother’s pearls  
Caught by the glaze of a cameras lens...
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Ramblings of a Rabbit

The summer has always been my favorite time of the year, mainly because of the availability of a large variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. I have so many childhood memories that lie within the rows of a cherry orchard, a stand of apple trees, or stealing the peas from my mother‘s vegetable garden. Then there was the huge, juicy nectarines that would cool even the hottest of summer afternoons...

Growing up in an area of the world with a lengthy growing season and a desirable climate, fruit farms and ground crops used to be found lining the roads, filling the fields and trailing up terraced mountainsides. Today, vineyards and housing developments take the place of many of these areas. Today, much of the fruit and vegetables that arrive in our grocery stores and markets are imported, from other countries. Of course, there are certain necessary fruits and veggies that can only be grown in specific areas. Importing these products makes sense.

Coming from an area as I have though, I find it rather disappointing to be buying imported produce knowing plain well, that most of it grows very well right here. Sure, it is really not that big of a deal. Why does it matter where the stuff’s grown? A potato is a potato, a tomato is a tomato, why does it matter? Well, for me it does. When so many live in areas where produce is not readily available and has to be imported in, it does not make any sense for those in areas that can grow their own, to be as well.

This is what has lead me to working with nature and towards a more localized, greener future for myself. I like knowing where my food comes from.


Planting the Seeds, Growing a Garden.

Welcome to the online premier of A Growing Garden. With the start of a fresh new year, I have decided to create another online venue to showcase my garden related knowledge, articles, photography, art, and anything else interesting that may come across the garden path in the New Year.

I hope to use this New Year, in part, to share with you all, my ideas about gardening, landscape design, to even issues such as, the preservation and protection of Canada's precious natural habitats. As our planet is a growing and changing place, gardening for a sustainable future will be another topic of great concern for 2011 blog year. Other topics of discussion will involve the different methods of planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, fruits, berries, and anything else that can be grown under the sun…

Make sure to check back for updates and changes in the New Year, as this will be a Growing Garden.

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The best of wishes to all in the upcoming New Year.