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The Sprouts of My Garden, A Sprinkle of Historical Reflection.

3457 Martha in flower garden

With Summer over, Fall gone and Winter now taking over my garden, what a great time for a bit of reflection and introspection. Looking over past posts the other day, I was brought to considering the reasons for creating this blog.

Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat sprouted from my concern with the food that we grow and eat. As mentioned in, From a Meadow, Grew a Garden, my love for plants and gardening began when I was a young child. The miracle of a little shoot growing from a seed, the blades of grass popping up in the lawn and the delicate plant sprouts arriving in the garden every spring, was amazing to me. From there, my respect, fascination and admiration for everything Mother Nature provides for us, grew.


Eco-Friendlier Watering Ways for Your Garden and Yard

Water is one of our most precious resources, as we are all very aware… As we watch temperatures rise, and less precipitation fall, year after year many of us are taking to greener methods of watering our gardens, lawn and landscaping. There is no more, just throwing out a sprinkler at any time of the day you wish. Many areas suffer from depleted water resources, watering regulations and restrictions, and a future that looks devastatingly dry.

Simply, we need to continue to change our ways! For some, this is an easy transition, for others, not so much.

Have some green gardening tips of your own? Feel to share them in the comments.