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Coffee or Tea: The Age Old Beverage Debate.

For me, coffee it has to be! My morning is just not complete without that first ‘cup of Joe’ that I crave, then maybe a second and a third. Tea just doesn't seem to do it. Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, loose tea, I like all kinds of tea… But, there is no replacing the smell of fresh roasted coffee, or the espresso machine, first thing in the morning! 

How did ‘a cup of coffee’ end up turn into ‘a cup of Joe’? Who is ‘Joe’, anyway? Hmm… I might have to look into that.
A cup of coffee
Now, we have Keurig coffee, the new man in town! K Cups are not a ‘thing’ I got into. I’m sure they are great for the office or during the daily morning rush of a busy household. It is exactly the type of product I am trying desperately to avoid, though! What’s so hard about throwing a cup of ground coffee in the coffee maker before jumping in the shower? Is it not almost the exact same steps to put a coffee pod into the Keurig coffee machine?