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Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. Part 2 - The Compost Pail, Bins, Tumblers, and Tea Makers

Composting may already be part of your household routine. If so, you are most likely already aware of the importance of recycling your food waste and the many benefits of collecting nature’s best organic fertilizer and garden mulch. If you are not already composting, it is time to start! Take away food waste from your household garbage; you may be extremely surprised how little refuse is left for the garbage man (after appropriately recycling the other recyclable materials, of course).

Usually, I do not like to start off a post directing my readers to do this, or that, or forcing my opinion on anyone. When it comes to something as important as the health of our fragile ecosystem, I cannot help myself.

I am sure none of us like to admit that we actually waste food when there are people starving around the world. However, food waste does result from cooking, eating and snacking throughout the day, whether we like to admit it, or not… And we all must eat!

Considering this is my second (actually, third) post about compost, only exemplifies how strongly I feel about the many benefits of composting. Part 1 of my composting series, Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. A Beginner’s Guide to Composting focuses more on the why’s, what’s, and how to’s of DIY home composting. I felt the need write this second installment of Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. because not everyone is necessarily interested in another DIY project and may be considering a more desirable, somewhat ‘cleaner’ way, to compost at home. Be it a simple, store bought, composting pail or bin, an elaborate Compost Tumbler, or costly Compost Tea Maker, the options are many. 

Follow me and let's take a closer look at these composting products... 


Enjoying the Labor Day Long Weekend

The sun is shining, the air is warm and we have had no rain (over the weekend, anyway). This has to be the first long weekend of the summer with no rain, too sad it is the last… I hope the nice weather has accompanied your Labor Day long weekend, as well.

JA Tucker ~ 2013
Originally, I had told myself “No Work This Weekend!” and I have failed. I could not stay out of the garden, I could not stay out of the kitchen and I could not stay away from my keyboard. This brought me to thinking about the importance of time management and self-control in working for one’s self.  When working in an unconventional workplace (as many do today), the “advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest” (Wikipedia) set forth in the Labor Union Movement, seems somewhat obsolete in today’s fast paced world.

How many people actually work an eight hour day? Recreation eight hours, I don’t think so! And sleep, eight hours. Well, hopefully (hence, the lack of eight hours in a day for “recreation”)! My guess is that work very much out rules the other two, for most working people today. It all really comes down to what you consider work and what you consider enjoyment, or recreation. Take a moment this long weekend to consider how much “work” has cut into the other two thirds of your life, I know I should!

To my readers, I hope you have a happy and safe finale to your Labor Day long weekend. Make sure to take a moment and 'smell the roses'!

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The Dreaded Name Change...

For months now, I have been contemplating the future of my existing blogs and what exactly I wanted to do with these dinosaurs lurking in my online presence. 

As much as I hate to admit defeat, some of these ancient projects of mine had to be laid to rest. When it came to “A Growing Garden”, I just could not bring myself to select ‘Delete’. Too much thought and heart has been put in to it, to simply up and walk away. I figured with some minor upgrades the site could be neat, shiny, new in no time. 

The Monarch- July 2013
JA Tucker

The first, and most important of these changes was selecting a new name. After learning that “A Growing Garden” actually belongs to another website, I had to take care of this immediately. However, selecting a new title and address (that has not already been taken) is not as easy as it sounds. Finally, it came to me! The best and most encompassing name came to me with my first sip of coffee this morning. 

Now begins the journey of... 

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