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Grass Free Landscaping, The Future for Yard Design.

Hot temperatures, changing climates, water shortages, water usage regulations in many areas and simply, the necessity to preserve water, are all significant reasons grass free landscape designs are becoming growingly popular and will be beneficial in the future of yard and landscape design. This does not mean that we have to sacrifice a beautiful yard or a breathtaking landscape though. There are so many options that exist today to replace the use of grass that has become notorious for a need of constant water and regular maintenance, while not having to give up the functionality or comfort of the space.


Planting the Seeds, Growing a Garden.

Welcome to the online premier of A Growing Garden. With the start of a fresh new year, I have decided to create another online venue to showcase my garden related knowledge, articles, photography, art, and anything else interesting that may come across the garden path in the New Year.

I hope to use this New Year, in part, to share with you all, my ideas about gardening, landscape design, to even issues such as, the preservation and protection of Canada's precious natural habitats. As our planet is a growing and changing place, gardening for a sustainable future will be another topic of great concern for 2011 blog year. Other topics of discussion will involve the different methods of planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, fruits, berries, and anything else that can be grown under the sun…

Make sure to check back for updates and changes in the New Year, as this will be a Growing Garden.

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The best of wishes to all in the upcoming New Year.