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Snapshots of Summer, #Photos from the Food #Garden

Summer has, so far, been pretty sweet for this little food garden of mine. How about yours?

Here is a little photographic update, to cap off the week! 

Happy Sunday, everyone:)
Corn stalks 2
The corn stalks are LOVIN' the summer!


Plants and #Gardening For The #Children

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed several posts and articles discussing the importance of children being introduced to gardening. It is a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time now. Since seeing these recent posts, I could not help but again jot down some of my own thoughts.

There are countless benefits to introducing and teaching our children about gardening organically and how to grow food. Not only for the child and their own future, but also for the family, the community, and the future of this dear planet! 

These natural skills, this ageless knowledge, and our historical heirloom seeds, all need to be preserved and savored for our generations to come, now more than ever! Not only could these skills become crucial to simply existing in the future, gardening also teaches many other life necessary lessons and habits that come from growing a garden of any sort!