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Guest Bloggers, Relevant Links and Product Reviews.

Have a great garden story, book, photo, relevant blog, website or product you would like to share? 

Are you a fellow home and garden blogger, a garden expert or enthusiast? Or do you  simply have a passion for gardening, eating home grown food, or building sustainable, low impact landscapes? Share your wisdom with us!

Throughout the month, many changes have, and will, be happening within the pages of GPGE. As the calender for the remainder of the year fills up, it would be great to add some new voices to our 'garden'.

Please email the Editor all content related suggestions, guest blogger associations, advertising inquiries, or link related requests you would like to share to the address included below.

~ Jessica

Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat.


The Dreaded Name Change...

For months now, I have been contemplating the future of my existing blogs and what exactly I wanted to do with these dinosaurs lurking in my online presence. 

As much as I hate to admit defeat, some of these ancient projects of mine had to be laid to rest. When it came to “A Growing Garden”, I just could not bring myself to select ‘Delete’. Too much thought and heart has been put in to it, to simply up and walk away. I figured with some minor upgrades the site could be neat, shiny, new in no time. 

The Monarch- July 2013
JA Tucker

The first, and most important of these changes was selecting a new name. After learning that “A Growing Garden” actually belongs to another website, I had to take care of this immediately. However, selecting a new title and address (that has not already been taken) is not as easy as it sounds. Finally, it came to me! The best and most encompassing name came to me with my first sip of coffee this morning. 

Now begins the journey of... 

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Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat.