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A Four Seasons Greenhouse and the Winter Crops to Grow for #Christmas Feasting

A greenhouse for growing vegetables, winter greenhouse crops and starting my garden seeds has been on my backyard plan wish list for quite some time now

Winter Greenhouse
VIA Rhonda Fleming Hayes (Some Rights Reserved)

During a cold, Canadian winter, the produce section at the market, or grocery store, can begin to look a bit bleak once the last of the local produce disappears for the year. When produce tags and stickers on the peppers, apples, and other fruits and veggies start appearing from origins on the other side of the planet, I try my best to avoid them. I do not mean to sound picky or ungrateful and I am not, I just have a hard time stomaching the whole idea of these foods being shipped from far off lands when they could quite easily be grown right where I live.

Leading back into my greenhouse plans... So many wonderful, extremely healthy crops can be grown through the winter with an appropriately designed greenhouse right in your backyard, even in a land known primarily for it's igloos, hockey, and the toque! I am determined to find the best and most affordable solution to my winter gardening and vegetable quandary.


Garden Giggles... A Perfect Pink Flower Stands Last in the Garden.

Perennial Pink flower
The last "lady" standing...
This lone, little pink flower… This little lady deserves a spot in the limelight!

Let me start by explaining that this was the first year of gardening for me in a new climate zone, new soil, and someone else’s ex-garden. It was very much a learning experience, to stay the least!  


A Collection of Inspiring Garden Projects and Websites

With the garden of information that the internet quite literally grows on a daily basis, it can sometimes be difficult to uncover interesting websites or blogs among the overgrowth of weeds. My online travels this week encompassed topics from sustainable landscaping practices, edible landscaping, organic gardening concepts, to urban homesteading

First Corn in the Garden
JA Tucker 2013
The following collection of website and blog links will lead you to my most inspiring and interesting garden finds of the week, so far... 

Please click on the following title links to be taken to the site!

I absolutely love this site, the project and the lifestyle!
Join the family on Twitter @urbanhomestead

The name had me immediately sold! An informative “urban organic” (HeavyPetal) blog from the West Coast of Canada, this is a site I look forward to checking back on!

Life on the Balcony focuses on container garden ideas and inspiration (Perfect, seeing as I was looking for some inspiration!). The site is well designed and full of great ideas to start your new container garden or build on your existing one.

This is a great resource website for those interested in farming and sustainable agriculture in the US.

Now, would this not be the ultimate field trip?!? 
This project first caught my eye many years ago.

This site has tons of information, be sure to find a comfy spot to sit before biting into this site!

Come across other inspiring garden projects, websites or blogs recently? Share the goods with us!

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