Snapshots of Summer, #Photos from the Food #Garden

Summer has, so far, been pretty sweet for this little food garden of mine. How about yours?

Here is a little photographic update, to cap off the week! 

Happy Sunday, everyone:)
Corn stalks 2
The corn stalks are LOVIN' the summer!


A Mid Summer's Veggie #Garden Update

An Update of the Update:) ~ July 22, 2014
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Did you know Hot Peppers LOVE the heat?!?
Well, that was a hot one! Thanking my lucky stars, the rain has finally arrived. A few drops... Okay, now it's stopped again... Not enough to make much of a difference at this point, but hopefully this break in the weather will help to distinguish the many wildfires raging in this part of the world.

Author Note: Before I go on, first let me say... My heart goes out to all those effected, or misplaced, by the current fires and on a more global note... to the victims, the families, and those touched by the (seemingly, many) horrific catastrophes of recent!   


Growing sweet potatoes, for my sweet potato.

Since I began food gardening, I have always wanted to try growing potatoes.  Dedicating any of the few rows of my small garden to the potato, made little sense though.  That is, until I was introduced to the idea of growing potatoes in containers!  I had to find out more…

Sweet potatoes for my sweet potato

The idea of growing potatoes in such a small space, let alone many pounds of potatoes in this small space, completely caught my attention!

After a little digging around Pinterest last winter for potato growing ideas, I found that people are growing potatoes in little backyard gardens, like mine, in all kinds of different ways!  Containers, laundry baskets, wooden frames, caged towers, bags… You name it, if the garden design will hold growing medium and drain water, chances are potatoes are gonna grow!

Potatoes were never planned for this year’s little garden of mine, never mind, sweet potatoes!   Then, I came across a long forlorn handful of locally grown golden nugget potatoes and a sweet potato, as I was cleaning out the closets one rainy day (most likely fallen victim to a game of Hide-and-seek with my daughter). Instead of the rotting potatoes I expected to remove from the dark recesses of her hiding place, to my surprise, the potatoes had all sprouted off healthy, new little shoots.  As I am sucker for anything that grows, into the ground they would go!

The following, digs a bit deeper into how my potato and sweet potato containers began and now, are growing…