Images of Spring: The Perennials are A Poppin'!

Look what I found in the garden yesterday, Springtime! The perennials have returned!

I cannot say it feels much like springtime today, however, yesterday was gorgeous. The cold and rainy dreariness of the end of winter has once again returned, not for long… Taking advantage of the awesome weather yesterday, I managed to get the last of fruit trees pruned. I had hoped to have this done months ago, time is rarely on my side though:) Admittedly, I must have walked past the kitchen garden dozens of times without evening noticing all the fresh, new green shoots sprouting up everywhere!

These are the reasons why I love perennial gardening!

Peppermint Shoots


Germinating Seeds in Style

So… Have you finished up your indoor seed starting for the veggie garden yet? If you are sheepishly shaking your head ‘No’ right now, you best be getting on it! In follow up to last week’s post, My Favorite First-Timer Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors!, I thought this a great time to send out one last post about seed starting to all you first- timers (NEWBIES!) out there.

Now that you know HOW to start seeds indoors, but still haven’t gotten around to picking up the key supplies you need, I will make it easy for you! I have included for you below, a collection of products (from Burpee.com) that are, if not necessary, greatly helpful for successfully germinating seeds and growing healthy seedlings.


My Favorite First-Timer Tips for Starting Seeds Indoors!

In every seed, rests a plant just waiting for its moment to shine brightly in the warm sun. From this plant, come more seeds that return back to the soil, to begin the process all over again. It is in this basic essence and connection of a plant, and the garden, that my passion for plants, and gardening, became firmly rooted into my being. 

The time for greenhouse seeds, and starting seeds indoors, has finally come again! Can you tell that I am excited? Seeing as the last post, Get out the John Deere, Springtime is almost here!, discussed primarily grass seed and springtime for the lawn, I thought it only appropriate that this next post be about starting seeds for the food garden. If you are new to the grows of starting a garden, or simply looking for a few new tips on how to start plants from seeds, this post is for you. I welcome you to read on and Thank You for stopping by!

By Oledd (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Many vegetable garden seeds prefer to be started in the warmth of the indoors, be it the confines of the greenhouse (when available) or a brightly light, warm, dry space inside the house. This is where these seedlings will start most successfully. With that being said, pre-planning is a very important aspect of every vegetable garden. If these seeds are not started early enough, your seed planting success plan will be turned into a complete waste of time. Make sure to have your new veggie garden design, and plant list, decided upon at least a couple months prior to planting in the garden, to give seeds ample time to grow!