Get Out The John Deere, Springtime is Almost Here! My Earth Friendly Spring Lawn Tips...

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As springtime is soon to raise its drowsy head, the grass, alongside the perennials of our gardens, will soon be bursting fresh new shoots from the soil. What a great time to talk about grass! 

You may be wondering what growing grass has to do with organic vegetable gardening. Well, not a whole lot… The reason I bring up this post is because of the shocking amount of how many times I have been asked, “when can I plant grass seed?”. I may know a bit about growing grass, but I am definitely more of a plant gal! Considering that, at least, a small amount of lawn grass often accompanies gardening space, I figured the topic would fit.


The Vertical Garden and Vegetable Plants That LOVE Growing Up!

Green walls, living fences, no dig gardening, vertical farming and landscaping have become deeply rooted in modern landscape design, urban gardening, and food gardening. These ideas are by no means new though and have been utilized throughout history by many different cultures. Sure, most of us have heard about vertical gardening or landscaping… Did you know that many of our beloved vegetables and favorite produce love to grow in this manner, as well?      

As many attempt the return to a simpler, ‘grow your own’ lifestyle and feed the household from their own private ‘Garden of Eden’, the small backyard garden, at best, is often the venue. These vertically enhanced methods of growing plants are not only perfect for utilizing small outdoor growing spaces, creating privacy or shade, but your veggies will love ‘em too!

Want to know more about the vegetables, herbs, gourds, fruit, and berries that grow well in a vertical garden and where to grow them? Keep on reading for a list of my favorite creeping and climbing veggie garden friends that love just hangin’ around.


Home Vegetable Garden Bed Ideas and Tips

The temperatures may not feel like it quite yet, but it is just about time to dig back into the vegetable garden! Seeing as the strong grasps of winter still lay heavily upon my backyard, my gardening duties have been significantly kept indoors. Seeds will soon need to be planted, the soil will soon be thawing and ready for a turn, but for now, I wait!

More recently, Pinterest has been a warmer place to explore my wintertime gardening urges and I have been busily pinning away new garden layouts and landscape design ideas for the upcoming year.

In the following, I have collected up some of my favorite new found pins about raised gardening beds, tips for planting vegetables in pots (make sure to check out the Potato Barrel Planter), and more great DIY pallet planter ideas.  I hope you enjoy!

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