A Roundup of Our Most Popular Posts from 2013

With the end of the year just around the corner and a frozen backyard providing me with little inspiration to write (in all honesty), what a perfect time to round up all the most viewed and most favorited posts from the year... 


Christmas Homemade Food Gifts. A 'Pinteresting' Collection of Heartfelt and Edible Gift Ideas!

With under two weeks left until the big morning around the Tree opening Christmas gifts for festive celebrateurs around the world, it is the time to be checking your Christmas gift lists for anything you might missed. If you still need to start, well, this is definitely the time to get on it! 

Homemade Christmas gifts were pretty common around the Christmas Tree of my childhood, we all still try our best to stick to that theme with our gift giving over the holidays. As I always end of leaving my gift arranging to the bitter last minute and quite often scraping by this point in the year, many of the great homemade gift ideas I dreamed up throughout of the year often fall short in preparation time. Most of these ideas then move to the ‘For Next Year’ pile and, in honesty, the same thing usually happens again.


Plastic Bottles and Organic Backyard Gardening, Do They Mix?

Concerns about the harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles have been growing for many years. Many simply try to avoid using plastic bottles or products, or at least limiting the use around the kitchen, home and most importantly, the children. What about in the garden though?
plastic bottle recycling bins
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Plastics are used in gardening for many things, from hoses, to buckets, vapor barrier, spray bottles, tools, even the pots that grow our plants. Most of these garden tools and supplies are not the problem, though. What I have been ever curious about, is whether or not the plastic pots and containers, so widely used to grow food, are really all that safe for this purpose?


4 Awesome YouTube Videos All About Organic Backyard Gardening

My, how a week can fly by! So much for my bi-weekly post schedule... Today I have a collected up some of my most favorite YouTube videos for you, all to do with backyard and patio organic food gardening.

The following collection of YouTube videos includes; a self watering planter system made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, a discussion about DIY aquaponics gardening, a great video clip about The Urban Homestead and what a sustainable living community is all about, as well as, an instructional video about what to compost and how to set up a 'super' composting station in your own backyard.

The Life Cycle of a Vertical Garden 
Self Watering Planters Made from Plastic Bottles

VIA Willem Van Cotthem