Plants and #Gardening For The #Children

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed several posts and articles discussing the importance of children being introduced to gardening. It is a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time now. Since seeing these recent posts, I could not help but again jot down some of my own thoughts.

There are countless benefits to introducing and teaching our children about gardening organically and how to grow food. Not only for the child and their own future, but also for the family, the community, and the future of this dear planet! 

These natural skills, this ageless knowledge, and our historical heirloom seeds, all need to be preserved and savored for our generations to come, now more than ever! Not only could these skills become crucial to simply existing in the future, gardening also teaches many other life necessary lessons and habits that come from growing a garden of any sort!


Vertical Vegetable Garden Design Ideas to Compliment Your Living Spaces, Inside and Out!

Small space organic gardening is a reality for many homes of today, as more and more families incorporate backyard vegetable garden design and attempt to feed themselves from the fruits of their backyard gardens, patio vegetable garden, or urban homestead, while some even establish successful urban farms. In all cases every square inch of growing space becomes extremely beneficial. Vertical vegetable gardening is often the next best step to maximizing your growing space to its full potential.
Vertical gardening and landscaping is by no means, a new concept. According to the article Vertical Gardens: Plants for Walls (About.com) by Lisa Hallett Taylor vertical gardening and living walls were incorporated into gardens, courtyards and other outdoor living areas as early as 3000 BC. I first touched on this idea in a post written back in September, Vertical Vegetables, on a Platter of Raised Garden Bed, in which I discussed the inspiration of this fascination. As this was more an organization session of my thoughts at the time, I felt compelled to write another post discussing primarily vertical vegetable garden ideas.

In the following examples, several design options for vertical gardening will be discussed. Many of these designs I plan to incorporate into my upcoming backyard reno. Past these examples, I leave creation up to your creative mind.


Friday's "Must See" Gathering of Groovy Gardeners!

Monet's Garden - Water Lillies, Pond and Bridge
Monet's Garden Via Elliot Brown

Today’s post is all about “sharing the love”, so to speak. Over the last few months of tending my little social media garden, I have had the chance to meet a lovely bunch of organic gardeners, heirloom plant enthusiasts, garden landscape designers, and related business owners, many with great sites of their own. So, today I wanted to feature a few of these great people and their projects, blogs, sites, and businesses.

The following links are very much worthy of a visit and have been included for their helpful gardening, landscaping and yard tips, gorgeous photography, and well written creative content (or a mixture there in between). 


A Four Seasons Greenhouse and the Winter Crops to Grow for #Christmas Feasting

A greenhouse for growing vegetables, winter greenhouse crops and starting my garden seeds has been on my backyard plan wish list for quite some time now

Winter Greenhouse
VIA Rhonda Fleming Hayes (Some Rights Reserved)

During a cold, Canadian winter, the produce section at the market, or grocery store, can begin to look a bit bleak once the last of the local produce disappears for the year. When produce tags and stickers on the peppers, apples, and other fruits and veggies start appearing from origins on the other side of the planet, I try my best to avoid them. I do not mean to sound picky or ungrateful and I am not, I just have a hard time stomaching the whole idea of these foods being shipped from far off lands when they could quite easily be grown right where I live.

Leading back into my greenhouse plans... So many wonderful, extremely healthy crops can be grown through the winter with an appropriately designed greenhouse right in your backyard, even in a land known primarily for it's igloos, hockey, and the toque! I am determined to find the best and most affordable solution to my winter gardening and vegetable quandary.


The Sprouts of My Garden, A Sprinkle of Historical Reflection.

3457 Martha in flower garden

With Summer over, Fall gone and Winter now taking over my garden, what a great time for a bit of reflection and introspection. Looking over past posts the other day, I was brought to considering the reasons for creating this blog.

Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat sprouted from my concern with the food that we grow and eat. As mentioned in, From a Meadow, Grew a Garden, my love for plants and gardening began when I was a young child. The miracle of a little shoot growing from a seed, the blades of grass popping up in the lawn and the delicate plant sprouts arriving in the garden every spring, was amazing to me. From there, my respect, fascination and admiration for everything Mother Nature provides for us, grew.