Our first #GooglePlus #Garden Event, Gardening with #Heirlooms.

Let me start out with a great big Thank You to +Seed Savers Exchange, and author Rosalind Creasy, for the great +Google+  Event, Gardening with Heirlooms. The information and history we were given regarding heirloom garden seeds, growing vegetables and saving these precious seeds, is priceless! Again, Thank You +Seed Savers Exchange

Rosalind discussed so many wonderful vegetables and plants throughout the hours conversation. The most interesting parts of the discussion, for me, were about the pink potatoes she so loving described, the beautiful French pumpkins and recipe Rosalind mentioned.

Localized seed saving and heirloom vegetables are much more important to the future of our food chain, our gardens, our kitchen, and this planet, than many of us might realize!
I am so glad I was able to attend this Garden Event. Thank you +Seed Savers Exchange!


20 Inspiring Pinboards for Garden Landscape Designers, Organic Vegetable Lovers and Foodies!


Please bear with... Many of the links are broken and in dire need of update. I will be back to fix is ASAP!

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Pinterest has become one of my latest online obsessions. With the endless stream of creative images, projects, YouTube videos, and ideas that Pinterest pours out, it is the collection of all collections for those seeking out online inspiration. What an awesome place for home, garden, yard, and food lovers to connect, collect and visually share their ideas! In my opinion, Pinterest is easily the best marketing online for garden landscape designers and other design professionals, for anyone really… I just can’t stay away!

The following Pinterest Pin Boards still have much growing to do, make sure to follow any that interest you! New and noteworthy Pins are added weekly, and even sometime daily...

Feel free to dig into the Pin Boards below! Click on any of the titles to be taken to the related Pinterest Board.
Beautiful Food ~ NEW
Autumn in the Garden 
Creative Compost Ideas 
Garden. Plant. Grow. Eat. 

Organic Gardening 
Edible Gardens & Landscaping 
Vertical Garden Ideas 
Indoor Gardening 
Container Gardening 
Raised Garden Beds
DIY Pallet Gardens and Creations
Straw Bale Gardening
Inspiring Garden Project Pins
Sustainable Landscaping 
Seeds & Planting 
Awesome Yard & Garden DIY Projects
Landscape Water Features
Random Garden Pins 
Tree Care
I hope you enjoyed the Pinterest Pin Boards. Remember, tons of new Pins and Pin Boards will be added to the Garden throughout the Winter!

UPDATE ~ In closing, a huge Thank You goes out to all the Pin creators and original Pinners. You ideas, information and compilations are greatly appreciated!


Coffee or Tea: The Age Old Beverage Debate.

For me, coffee it has to be! My morning is just not complete without that first ‘cup of Joe’ that I crave, then maybe a second and a third. Tea just doesn't seem to do it. Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, loose tea, I like all kinds of tea… But, there is no replacing the smell of fresh roasted coffee, or the espresso machine, first thing in the morning! 

How did ‘a cup of coffee’ end up turn into ‘a cup of Joe’? Who is ‘Joe’, anyway? Hmm… I might have to look into that.
A cup of coffee
Now, we have Keurig coffee, the new man in town! K Cups are not a ‘thing’ I got into. I’m sure they are great for the office or during the daily morning rush of a busy household. It is exactly the type of product I am trying desperately to avoid, though! What’s so hard about throwing a cup of ground coffee in the coffee maker before jumping in the shower? Is it not almost the exact same steps to put a coffee pod into the Keurig coffee machine?


150 Amazing Zucchini Recipes to try out this Fall!

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps! Hmmm... This is one of those healthy cooking recipes I will be sure to save. Zucchini recipes have been on my mind quite a bit recently. I have been shredding, slicing, freezing, baking zucchini casseroles, chocolate zucchini muffins, zucchini bread, trying all sorts of ideas to subdue the season’s surplus from my mother’s garden. I never particularly liked zucchini… I ate them anyway, but they were never a part of the meal I enjoyed.

Baked chips are such a great idea. Here's the dish! I'm still saving this one for later... 

The last zucchini of the year just arrived. The sucker is nearly twice the size of the last one my mother gave me. Recently, I tried zucchini muffins, which ending up being more of a chocolate, zucchini, banana, and raisin muffin/ cake creation. I guess that would be a cupcake, now wouldn't it. Regardless of the name, they were yummy! I cannot say they were “healthy”, by any means... 

Hunting again for some yummy, healthy, quick, and easy ways to prepare and store the last zucchini, I found these four highly recommendable recipe collections. Yes, I have for you 'a collection of great collections'. Thank you, in advance, to those who compiled these huge zucchini recipe resources!

Originally, I was planning a Top 10 Zucchini Recipe Collection. Once realizing these four sites listed below contained over 150 recipes in whole, I thought to add any more would be maybe a little overkill. I couldn't narrow down these four recipe collections due to their sheer greatness.

Instead, I thought what could be better than finding more than 150 Scrumptious Zucchini Recipes all in one place!

Warning: Do not proceed on an empty stomach, explicit images of food ahead!


Garden Giggles... A Perfect Pink Flower Stands Last in the Garden.

Perennial Pink flower
The last "lady" standing...
This lone, little pink flower… This little lady deserves a spot in the limelight!

Let me start by explaining that this was the first year of gardening for me in a new climate zone, new soil, and someone else’s ex-garden. It was very much a learning experience, to stay the least!  


5 Easy #DIY Raised #Garden Bed Projects that are Attractive and Practical!

Raised garden beds are a fantastic way to utilize yard spaces, large and small. Whether, planning to add new vegetable beds, a herb garden, or flowers for you, the #hummingbirds, butterflies, and #bees, the plants (and insects) will thank you as they flourish from the many benefits of growing in raised gardens.

Raised garden designs can be as simple and inexpensive of a #DIY project, as an arrangement of straw bales, recycled wood, or basic pallet garden, to more ‘concrete’ options including the use of cinder blocks, paving stones, bricks, and rock.

In all reality, wild and crazy gardeners out there will make a raised garden bed from just about anything they can get their dirty gloves on, that will hold soil! Design ideas are endless.

In my search for raised garden ideas to incorporate into my own edible garden designs for the upcoming growing season, a handful of basic ideas have moved into my “Favorite” pile. These guys made the cut primarily because of the cost, labor intensity (or lack, there of…), sustainable attributes, and overall, attractiveness.  


Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. Part 2 - The Compost Pail, Bins, Tumblers, and Tea Makers

Composting may already be part of your household routine. If so, you are most likely already aware of the importance of recycling your food waste and the many benefits of collecting nature’s best organic fertilizer and garden mulch. If you are not already composting, it is time to start! Take away food waste from your household garbage; you may be extremely surprised how little refuse is left for the garbage man (after appropriately recycling the other recyclable materials, of course).

Usually, I do not like to start off a post directing my readers to do this, or that, or forcing my opinion on anyone. When it comes to something as important as the health of our fragile ecosystem, I cannot help myself.

I am sure none of us like to admit that we actually waste food when there are people starving around the world. However, food waste does result from cooking, eating and snacking throughout the day, whether we like to admit it, or not… And we all must eat!

Considering this is my second (actually, third) post about compost, only exemplifies how strongly I feel about the many benefits of composting. Part 1 of my composting series, Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. A Beginner’s Guide to Composting focuses more on the why’s, what’s, and how to’s of DIY home composting. I felt the need write this second installment of Grow. Eat. Compost. Repeat. because not everyone is necessarily interested in another DIY project and may be considering a more desirable, somewhat ‘cleaner’ way, to compost at home. Be it a simple, store bought, composting pail or bin, an elaborate Compost Tumbler, or costly Compost Tea Maker, the options are many. 

Follow me and let's take a closer look at these composting products... 


Family Ordered to Remove Urban Garden ~ Video Link CTV BC

I would love to hear some opinions on this! Take a look at the mulch piles and video link below... Please share your thoughts?

At what point does an urban garden become "too much garden"? This story raises several questions in my mind, as someone in the midst of designing an edible urban landscape that isn't going to piss off my neighbor's.

I feel for the families, on both sides of the fence. This is an argument, I think we may be seeing much, much more of, unfortunately, as more and more families return to growing much of their food at home...